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UK Planning Data

Potential customers for your business, delivered to you each week

Our focus is our clients' success

We provide our clients with planning application data relevant to their particular business and chosen location. Each week you’ll receive a list of potential customers who have applied for planning permission on projects that you can offer your services for. This includes names, addresses, and contact information (where possible), giving you a valuable list of regular prospects and saving you hours of your time.

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    How does it work?

    We send you weekly reports of all the planning applications submitted within your area of choice, giving you valuable information about the type of proposed developments as well as the opportunity to market your services to the applicants.

    Your business gets exclusive use of this data for each area that you purchase, so we won’t give the same information to your competitors.

    We collate every planning application across the UK, providing data tailored to your business. You’ll get a list of new prospects looking to start relevant projects where you can offer your services.

  • Aeroflot Special Project unveiled

    Who Needs This Data?

    From property professionals such as Estate and Letting Agents to tradespeople like Builders, Plumbers and Electricians, this data can help to gain you valuable new business from clients who will soon be needing services relating to the project they have requested planning for.

    So if you’d like to know where developers are building new properties or who might need a quote for their new extension, check to see if your business type and area of choice is available.

  • Aeroflot Special Project unveiled

    Why is it Useful?

    This data can help you to win favour with new customers before they have even started to enquire with your competitors, giving you a clear advantage.

    By receiving this data each week you will build up a strong pipeline of prospects that you can contact to give you a steady flow of new business opportunities.

    This data is provided to you without the need to spend hours on tedious research, leaving you time to generate more income and focus on the tasks that count.

Part of Our Happy Clients

  • When starting my new building company, having a regular stream of prospects to contact was fantastic. This meant that I could keep my advertising costs low and offer quotes to potential clients before they had even contacted my competitors. The cost of a year’s subscription was more than paid for in just the first month!
    Rick Kelly Builders
  • We found this to be such an effective way of winning new business. Being able to offer funding solutions to clients long before they had started their building project gave us a distinct advantage.
    Barrett Mortgages
  • By knowing exactly what each potential customer was applying for, it made it very easy to quickly select the best jobs and give quotes to those clients quickly. Clients I contacted in this way were so impressed with the speed and initiative taken that it immediately separated me from the competition and almost always secured their business.
    Tiling Elegance
  • The time that this has saved me is incredible! We used to spend hours looking through the local planning application registers to source potential new clients. Now we have a tailored list of all the potential leads delivered to us each week. Without doubt the best ROI in our entire marketing budget.
    DB Heath


If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your business and secure opportunities before your competitors even know about them, simply click the GET IT NOW tab on the left and check if the data for the area you require is still exclusively available for your business.